The CCRC Plant Cell Wall Group will have a major role in the recently formed BioEnergy Science Center (BESC)

BESC selected by The US Department of Energy to be one of three new Bioenergy Research Centers. Link

A brochure describing upcoming research opportunities at CCRC/BESC is available here

The CCRC plant cell wall group is comprised of six independently funded research teams with expertise in polysaccharide chemistry and biochemistry, cellular and molecular biology.

The goal of our research is to determine the role of the cell wall in plant growth and development.

315 Riverbend Road
Athens GA 30602 USA
Tel: 706-542-4401. Fax: 706-542-4412

Introduction to Cell Walls
Cell Wall Biosynthesis
Rhamnogalacturonan II
Walls and Development
Walls and Pathogens
Non-flowering Plant walls
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